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Lara Bridal Horseshoe


A tradition of giving the bride a horseshoe dates back before Christian times. It was to represent a crescent moon and considered to be a fertility charm. Nowadays, the bridal horseshoe is considered as a symbol of good luck, making this a perfect wedding keepsake.

This lace bridal horseshoe features double wide white lace, measuring approximately 18cm x 18cm (measured from the edges of the lace).

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Original Arabella’s Vintage Wardrobe design.
Please note: Items will vary slightly due to our handmade process. Due to individual screen display settings, actual item colours may also vary slightly to what is seen on our website. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns, prior to purchasing this product.

Safety Notice: Our products are handmade and designed with care, but in the interest of your child’s safety we would like to remind you that our products do contain small parts that may pose a potential choking hazard. Never leave your child unattended with items that contain small parts.